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MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial: Data Logging

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Data Logging


00:00 Optimising the calibration of an M1 ECU is made much faster and easier with the use of data logging.
00:07 Through the course so far we have already looked at the time graph function inside M1 Tune which allows data to be logged and viewed in real time.
00:16 The M1 ECUs also offer a sophisticated onboard data logging system that allows them to log data on the road or racetrack for analysis later.
00:26 The M1 ECUs offer three separate levels of data logging, that can be used dependent on your requirements.
00:32 As shipped, the M1 ECUs include ‘Level 1’ logging which allows channels to be logged at between 1 and 10 hertz.
00:40 This is going to be adequate for basic logging, but for more complex logging you may want to consider purchasing an upgrade to ‘Level Two’ or ‘Level Three’ logging.
00:50 ‘Level Two’ logging allows up to two hundred configurable channels to be be logged and each channel can be logged at any frequency between one and two hundred hertz.
01:01 ‘Level Three’ logging allows up to 1000 configurable channels to be logged as frequencies of up to 1000 hertz.
01:09 Level Three logging also allows 8 individual security-based log sets to be configured.
01:16 All the logging options include 120mb of logging memory for the M130 and M170 ECUs, and 250mb for the M150 and M190 ECUs.
01:29 In this section we will look at how to configure and retrieve logged data.

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