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MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial: Input/Output Resources

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Input/Output Resources


00:00 The M1 ECU gives us a lot of flexibility in how to we configure the various inputs and outputs and there are three ways we can go about assigning an input or output to a specific pin or resource on the ECU.
00:15 We can configure inputs and outputs from within the worksheets and we will look at how to do this a little later in the course.
00:22 This is an easy way to follow through the setup and configuration of a freshly installed ECU from start to finish and ensure that we haven’t overlooked any critical sensors.
00:34 We can also achieve the same result by searching for the sensor we wish to configure in the ‘All Calibrate’ menu.
00:43 Another option that will give us a broader overview is to select ‘Edit Input/Output Resources’ from the Tools menu.
00:51 This will show us every item and what input or output resource it has been assigned to.
00:57 If you are trying to find what a specific resource has been assigned to, this is an easy place to check it.
01:04 All the displayed items are displayed in alphabetical order, regardless if they are in use or not.
01:10 We can use the scroll bar to move through the list or we can use the search bar to help quickly identify items we are interested in.

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