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MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial: Q Calibrate Function

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Q Calibrate Function


00:00 When you are configuring the ECU for the first time, there are many parameters that will need to be calibrated, and you will see as we navigate around the sensor setup worksheet for example that some items have a green ‘Q’ icon beside them.
00:14 This icon means that when that particular item is selected, we can use the Q key to perform a calibration.
00:23 A quick example of this would be calibrating the span of the throttle pedal sensor so that the ECU knows what the open throttle and closed throttle voltages are.
00:33 In this example, if we highlight ‘Throttle Pedal Main Offset’ and press ‘Q’ with our foot off the throttle, it will set the closed throttle voltage. We can see that the current voltage reading is now set.
00:47 Next we can highlight the ‘Throttle Pedal Main Scale’ and press the ‘Q’ key with the throttle fully depressed.
00:55 This will calibrate the scale or percent of throttle travel per volt from the sensor.
01:01 As similar process can be applied to any parameter displaying the ‘Q’ icon.

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