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MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial: The M1 Advantage

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The M1 Advantage


00:00 Typically ECU development is a constant evolution where an existing product or range of products is built on or modified.
00:08 This is an advantage for the manufacturer as development time is reduced, but ultimately it can be limiting because the new product may be driven by existing design constraints.
00:19 As cars and engines become more complex, integrating an aftermarket programmable ECU into them is becoming increasingly difficult.
00:28 Vehicle systems now often rely heavily on CAN-based communication with the ECU as well as other control modules.
00:37 Replicating this communication effectively with a standalone ECU can be difficult or impossible.
00:44 MoTeC realised that with these increasing complexities, a one-size-fits-all ECU was no longer going to be suitable, and their solution is the M1 range of ECUs.
00:56 These ECUs are a powerful platform which can be programmed through specific firmware ‘packages’ to run the engine as well as in application specific packages, the rest of the car as well.
01:09 M1 ECUs are also available in both port injection and direct injection models to further expand their market potential.
01:19 Starting with a clean sheet design has given MoTeC the ability to eliminate compromises and design code and functionality specific to each application.
01:29 As well as implementing a processor that is 800% faster than their previous hundred series ECUs, the M1 only includes the features and functions required for each specific package.
01:42 Eliminating unnecessary generic features allows more efficient use of the ECUs resources.

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