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MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial: Modifying Workbooks and Worksheets

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Modifying Workbooks and Worksheets


00:00 We have just had a brief look at the Worksheets and workbooks in Tune, but now we are going to look at how we can modify them or add some of our own to either display information that we feel is important, or to perform a specific tuning task.
00:15 First up lets go ahead and make some changes to the preconfigured worksheets.
00:20 Now I do suggest using a little caution here.
00:24 MoTeC have designed these package specific workbooks to provide the relevant information.
00:30 More importantly if you need tech support from MoTeC, their technicians can quickly guide you to the relevant worksheet as they know what channels will be displayed.
00:40 If you go and make a lot of changes, important data might end up missing.
00:45 One way I often change the package specific worksheets is by altering the parameters displayed in the time graph so lets have a look at how we can do that.
00:56 If we click on the time graph component, we have two ways to edit it - We can press ‘F5’, or we can right click on the graph and select ‘Properties’.
01:06 Now if we do this, a message box will pop up telling us the component can’t be edited.
01:12 This is because the package worksheets are locked initially.
01:16 If you are sure you want to edit the worksheet, we can choose ‘Layout Editor’ from the ‘Layout’ drop down menu.
01:23 This will show us all of the available work books and worksheets in the particular package.
01:29 You can see that when we open this box, most of the selections are greyed out.
01:34 This is because the work books are locked and this is displayed by the little padlock icon here.
01:41 If we click on the package specific workbooks here though we can choose to unlock the worksheets by clicking the ‘unlock’ icon here.
01:50 We are now free to modify the worksheets as we see fit.
01:55 Lets close the Layout box and add a couple of parameters to the time graph to illustrate how we can make these changes.
02:03 If we now select the time graph component, right click and select ‘Properties’, we can alter the displayed channels.
02:11 This will look very familiar to anyone who has used i2 before.
02:16 Lets remove the ‘Engine Load’ channel first by clicking on it and clicking ‘Remove’.
02:22 Now lets click ‘Add, and select ‘Inlet Manifold Temperature’ and ‘Coolant Temperature’.
02:30 We can do this by just starting to type the channel we want in the search box and the list will populate automatically.
02:37 Once we are finished, we can press OK to exit the Properties box.
02:43 Similarly any component on the worksheet can be modified by right clicking on it and selecting ‘Properties’.
02:50 For example we can rescale the tacho by simply changing the minimum or maximum values.
02:56 Likewise we can also change the way the component is displayed.
03:02 If you do find yourself wanting to make wholesale changes to the package specific worksheets, you are probably better to do this in a custom Workbook and we will look at configuring these in the next section.

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