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MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial: M1 Basic Terminology

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M1 Basic Terminology


00:00 With the M1 ECUs representing a big change in MoTeC’s direction compared to their older products, there are some specific terms that need to be understood before we go too far.
00:11 We will discuss some of the key ones here.
00:15 One of the most important aspects of the M1 ECU is the concept of the package, this contains the firmware specific to the application that the ECU is designed to run.
00:26 A package is built with a licence and this means that you need a matching licence in your ECU in order to send a package to it.
00:35 So for example if you buy an M150 ECU with a GPA licence, this will allow you to send the GPA package to the ECU.
00:45 If you want to use the ECU with a different package, you will need to purchase the relevant licence.
00:52 M1 Build can be used by MoTeC or by a package developer to write or modify a particular package to suit a certain engine or application.
01:03 M1 Build is used in conjunction with an ECU which contains a development licence.
01:09 Actually tuning an M1 ECU doesn’t require any knowledge of M1 Build, and most tuners won’t ever encounter it.

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