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MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial: Setting up M1 for Your Engine

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Setting up M1 for Your Engine


00:00 Now that we you are familiar with M1 Tune, we are going to look at how we can use it to set up and tune an engine.
00:06 It can be quite a daunting job being faced with a freshly installed ECU and setting it up from scratch to suit a specific engine.
00:14 This section of the course will detail how to go about this in a step by step process to ensure that you don’t overlook any critical steps.
00:24 This will leave you with an ECU set up and configured, ready to begin the actual tuning process.
00:31 To simplify the setup process, the package specific workbooks include two workbooks labelled ‘Initial Setup’ and ‘Initial Setup 2’ which will walk you through the required setup operations in a logical step by step fashion.
00:48 If you move through these worksheets in order, you can be confident that you have addressed every parameter that is essential for the engine to start and run.
00:57 In this section of the course we will focus on the ‘Initial Setup’ workbook as this includes critical parameters essential for every installation.
01:06 The ‘Initial Setup 2’ workbook includes worksheets relevant to more complex setups including boost control, cam control and drive by wire throttle. Since these are more advanced and won’t be necessary for some engines, we will deal with this workbook a little later in the course.

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