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MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial: Race Time

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Race Time


00:00 Along with the engine average load function, the M1 also includes a timer function called ‘Race Time’ that can be used as an input to adjust the engine tuning or response relative to time.
00:12 While the average load function is generally used to make the tune safer under sustained high load use, the ‘Race Time’ function is generally used to increase engine power or performance for a short period of time, and we can use the parameter to increase boost pressure, advance the ignition timing or alter the mixture aim or throttle target.
00:32 The setup and application of the Race Time function is quite flexible and there are a variety of ways it can be used.
00:39 Let’s look at a couple of options.
00:42 If we head to the ‘All Calibrate’ worksheet and enter ‘Race Time’, all the parameters relating to the Race Time function will be displayed.
00:49 We can choose to use an external driver switch to reset the Race Time function and this can be configured with the appropriate switch setting here if desired.
00:59 To use the Race Time function, we are going to need to first enable it by setting the ‘Race Time Mode’ to enabled.
01:06 We can configure the Race Time function to work without the need of an external switch through the ‘Activate ‘ and ‘Reset’ parameters.
01:13 The way this works is that the Race Time function will begin timing when the throttle position exceeds the ‘Activate Throttle Position’, and the vehicle speed exceeds the ‘Vehicle Speed Activate’ speed parameter for the ‘Activate Delay’ time in seconds.
01:29 Likewise the Race Time timer will be reset to zero any time the reset parameters are met.
01:34 In this case we have ‘Reset Throttle Position’, ‘Reset Vehicle Speed’ and ‘Reset Delay’.
01:40 Let’s say we wanted to use the Race Time function for a drag race application.
01:45 In this case we might want to set the ‘Activate Throttle Position’ to one hundred percent, the ‘Activate Vehicle Speed’ to five kilometres per hour and the ‘Activate Delay’ to zero.
01:56 We could also set the ‘Reset Throttle Position’ to zero, the ‘Reset Vehicle Speed’ to zero, and the ‘Reset Delay to five seconds.
02:05 With this setup, the Race Time function will be reset any time the vehicle is stationary with the throttle closed for more than five seconds.
02:13 When the throttle reaches one hundred percent and the vehicle speed exceeds five kilometres per hour, the Race Time timer will begin incrementing.
02:21 We can now use the output of this timer in the Race Time compensation tables.
02:27 The Race Time function can be used to trim or adjust the ignition timing, fuel mixture aim, boost limit or throttle limit to achieve whatever operational conditions we want.
02:37 Its important to note that the ignition timing trim will be added to whatever the current table value is, while the fuel mixture aim will be the actual mixture aim.
02:47 As usual all of these trims by default are a single value, however we can configure each of them as a table with ‘Race Time’ as the axis.
02:55 This lets us enter a trim that is only active for a certain amount of time.

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