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MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial: Errors and Status List

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Errors and Status List


00:00 With any ECU relying so heavily on the information received by the sensors connected to it, its important to know if there is a problem with the reading from any of these sensors.
00:11 Tune achieves this by monitoring the inputs and comparing them to the values in the channel limits which can be set for each sensor during configuration.
00:20 If a sensor goes outside of the channel limits, a Fault Warning will pop up to inform you of the problem.
00:27 Pressing F3 will open the Status and Diagnostics window which will show you detailed information about the relevant errors.
00:35 The status bar will always show the number of current errors, but the pop up box will only be displayed when the number of errors changes to help grab your attention.
00:46 When configuring any input, it’s important to choose sensible limits so a fault is not triggered during normal operation.
00:54 The limits should be chosen so that they are only reached if the sensor is genuinely in fault, and the default value can be chosen to help you keep the engine running.
01:04 Some errors may be intermittent in their nature and this means when you open the Status and Diagnostic window, they will not be visible.
01:12 You will be able to click on the ‘Event Log’ tab though and this will show a time stamped log of any error conditions and what triggered them.
01:21 When configuring an input, as well as the high and low voltage limits that are used for the diagnostic function, you can also set ‘Display Warnings’ to give you a visual indication within Tune if the particular channel is outside your preferred or safe range.
01:36 These Display Warnings can be configured within the channel properties and you can choose where the warning will become active, as well as the colour to display the value in.

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