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MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial: Sending a Package

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Sending a Package


00:00 We have looked at opening the existing package inside an ECU, but you may also want to send a new package to your ECU.
00:07 The process here is relatively straight forward but there is one important detail you need to keep in mind.
00:14 The serial number of the ECU that the package is associated with needs to be changed to match the serial number of the ECU you want to send it to.
00:24 The process is to open the package you want to send to the ECU by using the ‘Open Package’ window.
00:31 Find the package you want to send and click on Open.
00:36 Now from the File menu, select ‘Edit Target ECU Serial#’ and enter the serial number of the ECU you want to send it to.
00:46 Make sure the ECU is powered up and connected via ethernet and you can click on the ‘Send’ icon or alternatively select ‘Send’ from the ‘File’ menu.

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