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MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial: Efficiency Axis

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Efficiency Axis


00:00 One important aspect of a VE based fuel model is that the load axis for the efficiency table must be set to manifold pressure.
00:08 The VE model uses the ideal gas law to calculate air mass based on engine capacity, air temperature, and manifold pressure, hence manifold pressure is a key metric in the equation.
00:21 This doesn’t present a problem in most situations where we would normally be using manifold pressure as the load input anyway.
00:29 If you are tuning an engine running multi throttle bodies however you may prefer to use throttle position or Alpha-N as the load axis.
00:38 This isn’t strictly possible in a true VE based fuel model but the M1 offers a work around to allow the efficiency table to effectively be tuned off throttle position.
00:49 We will look at this in more detail further into the course.

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