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MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial: Packages

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00:00 We have already discussed the concept of packages but with the M1’s operation being so heavily reliant on the package, it’s important to understand exactly what a package entails.
00:12 The most important aspect to understand is that the firmware the ECU runs is part of the package.
00:19 The firmware is what tells the ECU what inputs and outputs to expect and how to treat the information.
00:27 Without the firmware, the M1 ECU is just a blank box and depending on the firmware of the particular package, the ECU can control anything from a 3 cylinder jet ski, through to a twin turbo V12 or even a gearbox.
00:43 The key is in the way the firmware has been written.
00:47 Beyond the firmware, the package also contains the actual tuning information.
00:52 These are the tables and parameters we as tuners enter to make the package operate the engine how we want it to.
01:01 With the M1, MoTeC has introduced the concept of security, with different users allowed access to different parameters.
01:09 The security information is detailed and stored within the package.
01:15 Lastly the package will also include package specific workbooks and worksheets that are relevant to the particular package.
01:24 This helps display only the parameters you need to know to tune the particular package you are working on.
01:31 If you send a different package to your ECU, everything can change as the firmware, tuning information and worksheets may be drastically different.
01:41 This lets a package be very accurately targeted at doing the best job possible of running a particular engine.

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