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Race Driving Fundamentals: Conclusion

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00:00 - Congratulations on completing the RaceCraft Race Driving Fundamentals course.
00:04 By now you should have a solid understanding of the fundamental race driving skills and techniques that are going to help you improve as a driver.
00:13 Some of these skills and techniques won't just help you straight away but should also prove useful in analysing your driving behaviour for years to come.
00:21 Over time these skills will become second nature but in order for that to happen, it's important to trust the process and commit to practicing.
00:29 As we've mentioned throughout this course, yes there'll be times of frustration and times where you second guess some of these techniques.
00:37 Perseverance and practice are key so stick at it and you'll come out the other end ahead of the pack.
00:44 You now have a complete guide to the basics of race driving and we're not expecting you to have retained every single aspect of it the first time through so with this in mind, it pays to use this course as an ongoing resource.
00:57 This is the perfect tool to refer to in the days and weeks leading up to an event.
01:03 For example, maybe you're apprehensive about getting a particularly corner right.
01:06 Just have another look through the cornering section and you'll find that the answers can be found within.
01:13 We're very passionate about safety here at RaceCraft.
01:16 Being safe out on track is always the number one priority and you should feel confident that the skills you've learned through this course aren't just going to see you become a faster driver but a much safer one too.
01:28 While your actual driving inputs are important in keeping you safe, of course things can still go wrong and that's just a part of the learning process.
01:37 This is where quality safety gear is absolutely paramount.
01:42 Buy the best gear that you can afford because you just can't put a price on safety.
01:47 If you have any questions regarding this course then please feel free to ask them in our members forum and we'll be happy to answer them there.
01:55 At the bottom of every module there's a form that allows you to directly ask any questions about the relevant topic and the great thing about asking the questions here is that everyone else can benefit from the discussion too.

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