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Race Driving Fundamentals: Practical Demo

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Practical Demo


00:00 - While vision isn't the most complex topic in the world, what we're actually looking for out on track can be a little bit hard to understand without actually seeing it first hand so Andrew, we're going to send you out on the track and you're going to be talking us through exactly what you're looking for, looking at during a lap so we'll get you to do a slower lap and just talking through each of those points of reference and then we'll see what that actually looks like at speed.
00:26 And again is this one of those areas that novices really struggle with? - They do and it comes back to confidence, if you're not confident enough, you struggle to look that bit further ahead so the better you get at it, the more confidence you will build, the more laps you do, it just gets easier and easier.
00:41 But it is definitely an area where you've just got to keep thinking about those steps ahead of yourself and if you're making mistakes on the track you go right, where am I looking, before you even think about your technique, where am I looking, am I looking to the right spot and it'll just tidy things up straight away.
00:57 - Alright let's send you out on the track and see what that looks like.
01:02 - So I'm going to give you an idea about where I am looking in which parts of the corner.
01:06 So straight away as we come into this first corner, in the peripheral vision we've got the turn in point on the left which is that nice orange marker and then I'm looking at this left hand curb using the right hand curb in my peripheral.
01:21 As I arrive at this curb on the left here, my eyes are looking at this next curb on the left here and straight away already, I'm looking right around the corner as far as I can and then the whole way through I'm sort of looking about 5-10 metres ahead of myself, near onto the end of the A pillar, that's how far around the corner I'm looking.
01:44 And then in the periphery of my vision I'm just looking exactly to the inside of the corner, as you come a bit further around here I'm already looking for the exit of the corner, you can see the curb, my eyes are fixated out towards the exit curb here and as you arrive at it, it becomes a part of your peripheral vision.
02:02 Same down into here, I'm looking for my turn in point just in my peripheral and while that's in my peripheral, I'm looking at this tyre bundle on the left here, braking all the way in and then this next tyre bundle looking right around that, use quite a bit of curb here and this next corner I'm looking right around torwards the apex, you can see how far my head's turned and then as we're exiting I'm looking out towards the concrete on the right here and then accelerating away from there.
02:32 Down into the carousel, I'm going to show you where I'm looking here too.
02:36 I'm already looking right around the corner, down for my apex, it's quite a late apex for this corner so you can see how far around the corner I'm looking.
02:45 As I arrive at it, my eyes are up looking at this next curb here.
02:51 And then I'm starting to look out for this exit curb, basically as you're arriving at each it becomes in your peripheral vision and you're looking up a step ahead of yourself the whole time.
03:03 As we come down to these fast left handers here, I'm already looking right around the corner as far as I can, there's actually a curb that sort of appears in your vision.
03:14 That's what I'm looking for.
03:17 And then from here I'm sort of eyeing up my braking marker, braking nice and straight, but as I'm braking straight I'm already looking right into the curb, it helps navigate you down to your turn in point.
03:30 Down to the apex and as I'm arriving at it my eyes lift, looking for the exit cone.
03:38 As I come off the bridge I'll show you where I'm looking here, straight away I'm already looking right around to our apex marker, the curb down on the left and as I'm arriving at it, my eyes are lifted looking out to the right hand side for your exit and then as I'm arriving to the exit I'm already looking towards my brake marker which is just near the top of the hill there and then my eyes are in, you can see I'm actually looking out the side window for the apex and then starting to look for the exit as you unwind the steering, always looking a step ahead of yourself.

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