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Race Driving Fundamentals: Visualisation

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00:00 - If you're remotely serious about competing in motorsport, your race weekend should start well before the morning you arrive at the track and one of the key elements that go into a successful track day preparation is visualisation.
00:12 So what do I mean by that? I'm not talking about visualising the win and picturing ourselves popping champagne on the podium or anything like that.
00:21 But more about running laps of the circuit in our head and thinking about everything we need to work on in order to improve our driving.
00:28 Visualisation can really help us prepare ourselves to be able to get on the track and be on the pace quicker than we otherwise would.
00:36 Most professional drivers find it to be a crucial tool in preparing for any race.
00:41 Whether we've never been to the circuit before or it's our local track that we spend every other weekend at, this is something we should do every time regardless.
00:51 It helps keep those finer details like bumps in the track or brake markers fresh in our mind so that when we do get out of pit lane we don't have to spend the first session fumbling around and figuring out remembering all of the markers and points.
01:04 Track time's precious and expensive so why waste a session relearning these points when they can be fresh in our mind before we head out for the first session of the day.
01:13 There's an obvious question you might have right now, how exactly are we meant to visualise a track that we've never been to before? Simple, it comes back to the video footage.
01:23 Like wed discussed in the previous module, try to find footage of a good driver in a similar car and watch it over and over, taking notes.
01:31 Once you think you've got it down, spend some time in a quiet place running through the laps in your head, this time with a stop watch to see how close you can get your visualised lap to the actual lap time.
01:42 Using the stop watch might sound a bit silly but it is good fun and is going to make getting on track far easier.
01:49 It'll feel like you've already done plenty of laps at pace before you even come through the gate on race day.
01:55 When visualising, it's important to have a list of things to think about and commit to memory.
02:01 The most important actions like gear changes up and down, brake markers, turn in points, apex points and exit points.
02:09 Actual race lines aren't so important during visualisation as these will naturally come when hitting all of your marks.
02:16 The key thing to take away from this module is that visualisation is an important tool to have in your arsenal when preparing for a race.
02:24 It takes practice but once you've mastered being able to visualise yourself running through the entire circuit in fine detail, you'll be well ahead of any other competitor that's planning to just show up for the first practice mentally unprepared.

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