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Race Driving Fundamentals: Practical Demo

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Practical Demo


00:00 - Alright we've just learned about heel and toe downshifting and it's definitely not the most advanced technique in the world but it is a technique that you're going to need to master particularly if you're driving a car with a manual transmission.
00:12 Now what are the most common things we see people doing wrong from a coaching perspective Andrew? - The biggest thing is I see people talking about doing it, going out, saying right I'm going to heel toe, get two corners in, realise it's too hard and then they decide that they're just going to forget about it for the weekend so it's really just committing yourself to it.
00:29 It is that step back that we have talked about already but just doing that, committing yourself to it and you'll find you'll just make it so much easier for yourself and it'll become just second nature straight away.
00:42 That's really the biggest thing that I see is people just not committing themselves to it, The other one I see is when you are pressing the brake pedal, it's just that release of brake pressure as you go for the heel toe, that's another one which is obviously, in the car you can't feel that, data's the biggest way to really see what's going on there.
01:00 - Yeah and as we talked about in the module, even with pro drivers we do see a minor release so it is important to be realistic, you're not going to probably get a perfect modulation of the brake pedal during that blip but it is something to watch, over reduction in that brake pressure, obviously is just going to extend your braking distance.
01:19 Now in terms of the actual blip, we've talked about the process, obviously going to roll your heel across, the side of your foot, whatever actually works with the throttle pedal in order to get that blip.
01:28 Is there a certain amount of throttle we need to apply or is this just something you end up with a sense of how much you're going to need? - It's a sense, it's a natural thing that you just get the idea of it and just keep practicing it, getting yourself used to it.
01:45 If you're looking at gauges and things and thinking about the amount of throttle position you need, you're going down the wrong road, you're better to just tune your ear in and just get used to the sounds and just keep practicing it and it will become natural from there.
01:59 - Let's head out on the track and see how it's done.
02:02 - So we're going to have a look here at the common mistake with heel toe and what happens when you're don't heel toe hard enough, with enough RPM.
02:11 You can see there, bit of rear locking, really upsets the braking and messes with the balance heading into the corner.
02:20 So the way we want to heel toe is to match the RPM as nicely as possible so when you're on the brakes, you can see the rear end of the car's not moving around at all, keeps the car nice and balanced and allows us to accelerate away nice and easily from the exit of the corner.
02:38 So the other mistake we see is people over blipping.
02:41 So if I give you a demonstration of that, too many RPM you can feel the car really pushing forward under brakes there.
02:49 Forcing you wide to miss the apex of the corner.

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