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Race Driving Fundamentals: Practical Demo

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Practical Demo


00:00 - We've just learned about defensive lines and obviously Andrew not every time you drive a lap around a racetrack you're aiming for the best possible lap time, sometimes you do actually have to defend.
00:12 So talk us through how that defensive line is actually going to affect your ultimate pace around a track.
00:18 - It does affect it a lot, and in different ways too because when you're defending you're now looking in your mirrors more which then just makes it harder to hit your markers and you end up generally falling back to the car that's catching you, that you're defending your line on so as much as it's important to learn to defend your line, it's also picking your places, picking your times and not getting caught up and being chased down by that other car so it is a really fine line.
00:41 - And as we discussed inside of the module as well, it's a case of how many laps are left to go, how much faster is the car behind, because there's no point getting drawn into a battle if you've still got potentially an hour of racing ahead of you, you're going to end up slower overall? - Yeah absolutely and we've talked about that in terms of if it's a car that is a lot faster you're better to actually let them go, sacrifice that position, hook and you'll probably stop yourself from being caught by the next bunch 'cause when you're in that position, when you're defending your line you're wearing out tyres quicker, you're wearing out gear and going slower so it's a bit of a double whammy so you're better to just maybe sacrifice a bit by letting them by, hook onto that car and you may end up quicker than you've been for the rest of the race.
01:24 - Alright so we're going to head out on track, we'll take out two cars at this point and we're going to look at one section of the track which is one of probably the easiest places to pass which is coming into the hairpin where there's a really big difference between the likes of a qualifying line and a defensive line so we'll see what that looks like if you leave the door wide open and how easy it is for someone to overtake and then how you can run a tighter defensive line and what that actually looks like so let's get out on track and see how that's done.

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