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Race Driving Fundamentals: Introduction

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00:00 - I'm Andre from RaceCraft and I've got our professional driver Andrew Waite here with me and I'd like to welcome you to our Race Driving Fundamentals course.
00:09 Now driving a car fast on the racetrack is challenging, particularly for a novice or enthusiast driver like myself.
00:18 You may think that you're driving your car fast on the track and you've got it at the absolute limit but usually you'd be surprised just how much potential your car actually has if you put it in the hands of a professional driver like Andrew here.
00:32 Now we've developed this course in conjunction with Andrew, essentially downloading and condensing his years of experience at professional level racing as well as everything that he's learned from driver coaching and presented a course here that regardless whether you're a complete novice, heading out onto the racetrack for the first time or you're a serious competitor, maybe looking for the next world championship, there's going to be everything you need to understand in this course from the background theory, through to the practical skills that you're going to need to understand and master that I can assure you will improve your lap times.
01:12 Now before we get into the course, it's worth just having a chat here with Andrew and understanding a little bit more about his background.
01:19 Now Andrew, you've been racing for a number of years, can you give us a little bit of a condensed background on your racing history? - Yeah sure, I've been in motorsport now for well over 20 years.
01:29 I've been racing single seaters, V8 touring cars, Le Mans prototype cars, all over the world so I've had a lot of racing experience.
01:38 Also do a lot of coaching in different series all over the place.
01:42 Coaching is something that I really really enjoy, get a lot of good feedback from people and have seen a lot of success out of it as well so yeah I've won a lot of championships along the way between here, up in Asia as well and yeah Le Mans prototype racing is certainly one of my favourites and also been doing a bit of GT racing between here, Australia and up in Asia too so it's a lot of fun.
02:05 - You're also a ring in pro driver for some TV filming as well? - Yes, yes, do all sorts of events with different companies where I can go away and do filming for a TV ad, like I've worked with Aston Martin, Jaguar, all sorts as well so up on snow as well as on racetracks, drifting around as well as trying to set some flat records so I've had plenty of experience in all sorts of different aspects.
02:32 - The other important aspect and why we've got Andrew along here is that there are a lot of race drivers that are incredibly fast out on the racetrack but if we put them in front of a camera and ask them why they were fast or what exactly they were doing at a particular point on the track, they'd probably struggle to tell us.
02:49 And that's not necessarily disrespectful for the drivers, that's just a natural aspect of how a lot of race drivers are but Andrew that's why we've got you here, you've got that experience from actually coaching so that's a subtle aspect that not a lot of fast race drivers have the ability to do, actually analysing someone's driving, seeing what they're doing wrong and then applying your experience in order to be able to make them faster? - Yeah it's a real passion of mine, just seeing people get faster and using that information to be able to translate and get someone going faster is just such a cool thing and that's why I'm really happy to be part of RaceCraft and download that information and I just hope so many people from here can give us some awesome feedback and get quicker and quicker through this course.
03:31 - Now a lot of the people watching right now in this introduction might be wondering well is the information in this course going to be relevant to the type of car I'm driving? Does it change, does the driving technique change if you're in a single seater or you're in a V8 touring car or a GT car or your modified street car, will this course be applicable? - Absolutely it will be applicable.
03:52 When you're looking to just get faster and faster, yes it all is exactly the same but it's when you're starting to look for those last couple of 10ths, that's when techniques and things start changing.
04:03 You hear so often people say oh my front wheel drive car, I've got to drive it exactly this way to be quick.
04:09 There's some things that you'll probably learn along the way here that actually, it doesn't matter what type of car it is, when you're looking for that last little bit of time, it really does change there.
04:17 - The other aspect that's really important to mention here is that if you've been to a racetrack already or you've got friends who drive racecars, you've probably already been given a lot of information about what you should be doing.
04:30 Sometimes that information may not be what you actually want to be listening to so what we're going to be doing as we move through this course is presenting solid information that you can rely on and that you can apply to your own car regardless of what that may be in order to make you faster.
04:45 So let's get stuck into the course.

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