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Race Driving Fundamentals: Practical Discussion

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Practical Discussion


00:00 - Alright we've just gone through that last phase of our cornering, our corner exit and again we've got Andrew here to dive into this in a bit more detail.
00:07 Now fair to say Andrew, this particular topic, probably a little bit shorter because if we've got the other phases of our corner, our braking, our turn in and our mid corner and we've nailed those, we almost can't help but get the corner exit right, is that fair? - Yeah of course that's really fair and once you get those other phases right, you've got no choice but to get on the gas as you're starting to release that steering and as I said throughout the module, making sure that it's basically the same rate, as you're unwinding the steering, you're on the gas as we were talking about.
00:37 So it's a really good way to keep reminding yourself you've got all this lock on and you're still on the gas trying to get out of the corner, then think about why is the car pushing so wide and you're still trying to get the car to turn so it's a really important phase still but it's backed up so much by the other phases, getting those right because at the end of the day it's about the corner exit, it's about getting in and getting out as we said previously and making sure that you're nice and smooth on that gas, making sure you get that right.
01:07 - So from my own perspective, particularly on a corner that's leading onto a long straight, obviously we know that the sooner we can get onto that throttle the more time we're going to gain the whole way down that straight so this can be an area where I know I can be a little bit impatient and even once we're well past that apex and we're starting to release the car out of the corner, it can be tempting to get into that throttle maybe a little bit more aggressively than maybe you should and usually that's going to end up costing us time rather than making us time so can you just talk through the scenarios we may see there if we're a little bit aggressive on the throttle? - Yeah sure, if you're in a front wheel drive car, if you're too hard on that throttle you could end up under steering and washing the car out to the outside of the track.
01:47 The other one is if you're in a rear wheel drive car, if you're too hard on the gas, then it can snap out or it might just understeer and run wide.
01:56 - That's going to really depend on the amount of power relative to the traction that the car's got? - Yep and another thing to remember with the exit phase of the corner is just that one smooth rate of acceleration, if you feel like you're on and you're coming off then you're going back on, think about again what's happened previous, it should just be one smooth acceleration out of the corner and it's just getting that weight transferred to the rear, sucking the car in and you can really feel when it's happening right.
02:22 - That's actually something that's really valuable to see in the data as well is if you've taken two stabs at the throttle, maybe you've started to get into the throttle and even though the car has oversteered or understeered and then you see the throttle trace will drop back down and then the driver's had another go at the throttle, that's a pretty good indication that you've been maybe a little bit early or a little bit aggressive or both on that throttle application? - Yeah of course and you can really see it because again it's just throwing that weight around where you don't want it so if you're half on the gas and you've got to get back out, you know that it might snap it into a little bit of an oversteer and then you've just created yourself even more of a problem so being really positive on that throttle application but also still being smooth.
03:04 - I know from my own perspective, driving on the one out of 10 laps where I really nail that corner exit, you know you've got it because it just feels so smooth and really you've got no option but to let the car run right out to the corner exit using all of the available track so that's sort of, when I feel that I know that I've probably done a pretty good job, is that a reasonable guide there? - Yeah you can just about feel the car squat down, especially in a rear wheel drive, you can feel it squat and you can feel the tyres really working to pull you out of the corner and yeah if you've got that just that little bit too much lock on still then it's going to run wide so you can really feel it when you get it right, it is a cool feeling.
03:46 - Alright so at this point we've covered those 3 phases and we've talked about some of those nuances here in the studio, it's time to actually head to the track and put that all together in a practical demonstration to see how that all works out and what we can learn from that.

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