Professional Motorsport Data Analysis

Wanting faster lap times for yourself, or your team?

Not sure where to find the extra tenths?

We can guarantee it will be found in the Data.

Professional drivers at the top of their game are constantly relying on a team of engineers to find the last few tenths in their lap times, and that’s a massive part of a winning strategy.

What do you look at in the data? 

Just logging every channel available to you is useless if you don't understand it or know how to analyse it. 

This is where Racecraft's Professional Motorsport Data Analysis course comes into play.

Learn all the skills used in the top racing series that you probably watch. 

Typically, engineers in high level race teams are very reluctant to share their techniques and processes (and would probably be in a lot of trouble if they did). 

However, this course will explain it all. Tim, your tutor has worked at these top levels (IMSA, WEC, Le mans, BTCC etc) and will take you through every tool in the toolbox when it comes to data analysis at a high level.

Who is this course for?

  • Club day racers wanted to get the most from their driving
  • Those wanting a career in the motorsport engineering space
  • Professionals looking to up their skills, or fill in the gaps
  • Racing team crew wanting to help their team
  • People who have taken our Data Analysis Fundamentals course

What Logging Systems Does it Apply To: 

In short - All of them. The course is delivered in a way to make it generically applicable to any car or logging package, however we will have a library of worked examples available that will continue to be added to over time that will show the RaceCraft 6 step process being applied from start to finish to a range of different cars and logging systems.

The skills, techniques and theory you will learn in this course are applicable to any data logging system and style of racing. Including but not limited to the Alfano 6, Harry’s Lap Timer, HP Tuners Track Addict, Racepak Vantage CL2, AEM Dash Loggers, Race Technology, RaceChrono and more.

Included 1-on-1 Support via the Forum

This course includes 3 months of support in the members-only support forum. In this forum you will be able to get quick and reliable answers direct from the tutor. You’ll also get access to regular live webinar lessons that focus on key aspects of car setup, data analysis and race driving. If you can’t watch live then you can rewatch these webinars in the archive.

What you will learn
  • All the essential sensors you need
  • Brake Bias Analysis
  • Using steering trace to understand balance
  • Suspension stiffness and balance analysis
  • The math channel knowledge you need
  • Analysing Damper performance

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Course Curriculum

  • Introduction 02.07
  • Course Focus 04.06
  • How To Use This Course 02.45
  • Disclaimer 01.36
  • A Quick Clarification 00.49
  • Data Visualisation 04.05
  • Displays 07.39
  • Conventions 05.03
  • Frequency & Logging Rates 03.47
  • Overlaying & Aligning Data 05.58
  • Analog to Digital Conversion 05.42
  • Shock Travel Potentiometer 08.52
  • TPMS 07.02
  • IR Tyre Temp Sensor 09.25
  • Brake Temperature 07.42
  • Laser Ride Height 04.35
  • Force Measurement 05.44
  • Math Channels Explained 06.28
  • Building Math Channels 13.37
  • Advanced Math Channel Uses 16.35
  • Required Sensors 03.18
  • Data Comparison 01.57
  • Braking Markers 08.35
  • Longitudinal Tyre Forces 04.46
  • Braking Technique 07.59
  • Brake Locking 07.40
  • Brake Bias 05.24
  • Traction & Drive Slip 08.39
  • Gear Changes 06.26
  • Lateral & Combined Tyre Forces 06.29
  • GG Diagram 10.58
  • Throttle Histogram 03.46
  • Steering Data & Balance 12.28
  • Suspension Stiffness & Balance 16.38
  • Damper Fundamentals 12.37
  • Logging Damper Data 04.58
  • Damping Histogram 14.24
  • Initial Configuration 03.57
  • Pre Event Planning 04.29
  • Analyse Reliability 02.13
  • Analyse Driver 03.22
  • Analyse Chassis 02.33
  • Apply Changes & Test 01.14
  • Post Event 01.48
  • Conclusion 01.37
  • Request a Certificate 00.06
  • Introduction 03.20
  • Step 1: Initial Configuration 1.17.46
  • Step 2: Pre Event Planning 09.23
  • Step 3: Analyse Reliability 33.49
  • Step 4: Analyse Driver 15.03
  • Step 5: Analyse Chassis 04.04
  • Step 6: Apply Changes and Test 02.36
  • Step 7: Post Event 01.43
  • Introduction 01.09
  • Step 1: Initial Configuration 32.59
  • Step 2: Pre Event Planning 04.56
  • Step 3: Analyse Reliability 05.08
  • Step 4: Analyse Driver 30.18
  • Step 5: Analyse Chassis 08.10
  • Step 6: Apply Changes and Test 02.50
  • Step 7: Post Event 03.24

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