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Professional Motorsport Data Analysis: Apply Changes & Test

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Apply Changes & Test


00:00 - After reviewing the data and making notes throughout, you'll have changes you want to make to either the driving or the setup of the car or both.
00:09 First, discuss the changes that need to be made in technique with the driver.
00:14 If you're planning on making changes to the car, you should really limit this to one change per run.
00:19 It's very easy to get lost when compounding multiple setup changes and even though it may feel like you're wasting time by only doing one change per run, it usually pays off as you can often be left unsure of the reason for a handling change when you're trying to do too much at once.
00:36 Discipline in this area is often difficult to maintain but in my experience it's well worthwhile.
00:43 Once you've applied the changes and decided on what needs to be improved in the driving style, you can head back on track for another run.
00:51 After this, go back through the analysis loop again to look for potential issues, driver improvements and changes to the car.
00:59 This loop continues over and over.
01:01 Make sure you refer to your goals you set yourself in the pre event planning throughout the testing and practice sessions to make sure you're still working towards those as well.

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