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Professional Motorsport Data Analysis: How to Use This Course

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How to Use This Course


00:00 - We want to give you the chance to work along with some of our examples and practice exploiting the data for yourself throughout this course.
00:08 Not only will this give you the ability to apply some of the techniques alongside us as we perform them, but you will also be able to go further and explore your own analysis technique ideas as you develop your skills.
00:20 To help with this, make sure you download the course resources which can be found in the related resources section of this module.
00:27 Here you'll find the links to the required software installers and the log data files you'll need.
00:33 To get the most out of this course, I'd encourage you to have a data analysis package open as we move through.
00:39 You can either use this with the example data we've provided, or your own data and logging system if you already have it.
00:47 This is going to be the best way to accelerate your learning because realistically you can spend months going over all of the theory of it but if you're not working with the software and the data as you learn, you're going to struggle to put it all into practice in the real world when the time comes.
01:03 Because each individual case is always different, as much as possible we've presented this course using concepts rather than how to guides.
01:12 It's not about giving you a cookie cutter approach that you can blindly apply to any situation.
01:18 Instead it's all about teaching you the concepts, the reasons why and the techniques that we hope that you'll be able to apply to your own cases as you see fit which is going to make you a far more complete data analyst as a result.
01:32 The material in this course is generic in that it needs to be applied as relevant to each situation.
01:38 The type of competition, skill level of the driver, type of car, surface, tyres, setup, weather and more all make for different requirements.
01:49 This needs to be considered and common sense needs to be applied throughout your analysis.
01:56 The techniques we'll use are intended to be applied to any logged data regardless of the analysis software you use.
02:03 It's important to understand that within reason, every software package allows for very similar analysis options.
02:09 So while what you're seeing on your screen might look a little different to what we're working with, you'll be applying all the same techniques for analysing that data.
02:18 Because of that, all the concepts discussed in this course are still going to be applicable regardless of the software you're using.
02:26 Lastly, don't forget that there's no time limit on this, you own t his course for life.
02:31 So feel free to take things slowly, stop and try your own ideas or jump back to older modules at any stage if you feel like you've not quite got a handle on something we're discussing.

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