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Professional Motorsport Data Analysis: Data Comparison

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Data Comparison


00:00 - We'll be making use of data overlays and comparisons throughout this course and while we're specifically discussing the braking in this section, what we're going to discuss here applies to every part of the course.
00:12 If it's driver performance we're looking to improve, then the best reference we can get is the data of someone that's faster than us.
00:19 The faster they are the better as the differences in technique will be easier and clearer to interpret.
00:25 Ideally we'd log the data while they drive our car so that it's a direct back to back comparison that we can rely on.
00:33 Depending on our situation it can be a challenge to convince a direct competitor to hand over an advantage by sharing their data and allowing their rival to catch up.
00:42 In that situation, and if you can't find anyone willing to collaborate, it's worth considering employing a professional driver coach to do some laps in your car.
00:50 Most tracks and clubs will have contacts for professional drivers offering these services.
00:55 While this may seem like an expensive exercise, having the data to compare a significantly faster driver is invaluable.
01:02 In all likelihood, it'll be the cheapest seconds you find, relative to spending money on developing any other area of your car.
01:10 It's difficult to overstate how helpful it is having good quality data to help find gains in you or your driver's technique.
01:18 In many parts of this course, we'll be using example data comparisons of driver's with different skill levels in the same car to illustrate this.
01:27 In the case where we aren't able to get the data of a faster driver, the job becomes more difficult but not impossible.
01:34 We will still be able to experiment with different techniques and the data will give us clear feedback to show if what we're doing is faster or not.
01:43 Even without intentionally driving the track in different ways, by studying our own data, and piecing together the fastest way we've driven each section on different laps, we're going to find gains.

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