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Professional Motorsport Data Analysis: Step 7: Post Event

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Step 7: Post Event


00:00 - The last step in the RaceCraft 7 step data analysis process is what happens after the event, after you're already home.
00:06 Typically what will happen is when you're at the track and you do the last run of the day, at that point you're probably already loading the car right back on the trailer and on your way home without probably spending the time you need to analyse the data in detail.
00:17 Certainly what you need to do in the days after the event is put some time aside to analyse the data in detail.
00:24 What I'll quite often find is when I'm looking through the data in a calm environment, looking at it at my desk, in the quiet away from the racetrack you'll often be able to pick up on a lot more subtle trends and maybe even reliability problems and sensor problems that snuck in that you didn't notice in the haste of being at race day.
00:40 It's also worth looking through the RaceCraft data checklist that I've got actually up here on my laptop screen right here.
00:47 So we've got all of the process that we've been through in this worked example from initial configuration, pre event planning, analysing the reliability of the driver, the chassis, and applying the changes.
00:56 This checklist is going to be a really invaluable resource and particularly handy when you've got more time to go through the data in detail.
01:03 This is also a time I find really useful for going back and reviewing my goals that I set myself before the event.
01:08 Reflecting on how those went, maybe looking at some of the logged data compared to some of the changes I made, whether those were driver or chassis changes as I go, just to really understand if I hit those goals and what I need to do differently next time.
01:21 At this point it's also useful to go through and do a little bit of a bullet point summary of the event, thinking about what things went well, what didn't go well, did you hit your goals well, did you have any particular problems with the car that you need to make sure you chase up before the next event? Are there any configuration changes you want to make for your logger, anything like this that you need to make sure you get done for the next event or you want to do differently for the next event.

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