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Professional Motorsport Data Analysis: Introduction

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00:00 - Today we're going to be doing a worked example using our RaceCraft Toyota GT86 that is fitted with a MoTeC CDL3 dash logger.
00:10 The car itself is mildly modified, it's got a turbocharger and an aftermarket intercooler kit fitted to it as well as some MCA coilovers, uprated anti roll bars, we've got larger wheels with Michelin slick tyres as well as some larger brakes fitted to the front of the car.
00:26 So it is significantly upgraded over factory.
00:29 The logger itself is a MoTeC CDL3 which as I said is a combined dash logger.
00:34 So obviously this allows the driver to be able to see some information of what's happening in real time on the track, whether it's engine RPM, oil pressures, water temperatures, as well as getting things like warnings or alarms sent through to them automatically which can be a really nice feature that you'll get in a lot of dash loggers.
00:51 We've also got an external shift light module to indicate to the driver when to shift gear but probably most importantly from a data analysis perspective, it's displaying the gain/loss, the live gain/loss or time delta to the driver in real time so they can see how they're going on track relative to the reference lap.
01:10 The locking setup on this car is actually pretty simple.
01:12 It's got an external GPS sensor that's running to the dash logger but most of the data that's coming into it is actually coming from the CAN bus, from the MoTeC M150 ECU so things like wheel speeds and brake pressure, steering input, all of this stuff is on the CAN bus and that's how all of this stuff is coming into the logger.
01:32 So to have this thing set up it's really a case of just mounting it to the dashboard which is sitting right here in front of me, interfacing with the CAN bus which can be a little bit of work depending on the exact system or combination of components you've got.
01:45 In this case we've got a MoTeC logger talking to a MoTeC ECU which makes it really simple but generically speaking, it's not actually very difficult usually to get a logger that's got the ability to get CAN bus data, regardless of the data source it is, whether it's a factory CAN bus or whether it's another aftermarket ECU, it doesn't usually matter too much, it's not usually an enormous job to get the CAN data into your logger of choice.
02:11 The data we're going to use for today's worked example was from a recent filming day we did with this car at our local racetrack.
02:17 So we got our normal amateur driver and we did a whole series of runs, first just to make sure that everything was reliable so we wanted to make sure that everything in the car was working properly, it was going to keep running for the entire day, we've got to make sure that the datalogger itself is recording everything, all the data's coming through properly because without that, obviously we've got nothing left to analyse.
02:36 After we were happy with the car and the amateur driver was happy with the runs that they'd done from a performance perspective, we were able to chuck a professional driver in the car, they actually just did one run, I think it was 5 or 6 flying laps they did and they were able to set a significantly faster lap time that we're going to use for today's analysis.
02:55 But regardless of the car or logger that you're using for your application, this worked example is still going to be relevant.
03:01 Now all of the process that we're going to go through today is the RaceCraft 7 step process from top to bottom so it really doesn't matter if you're using a GT86 or you're not using a MoTeC, I think it's going to be really clear how you're going to be able to apply these steps to your situation if you're not using the exact same equipment as us.

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