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Professional Motorsport Data Analysis: Post Event

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Post Event


00:00 - Generally, once the event is finished, you'll be packing up and won't have a chance to review the logged data from the final run or race of the day.
00:08 At some point in the days after the event, you need to make time to review the data.
00:13 Not just to check the final run of the day but also to look at the data in more detail.
00:19 This is an opportunity to look through everything in a more calm environment without the time pressure you have while you're on track.
00:26 Take the time to check the reliability report in more detail and use it to point yourself towards anything of interest in the logged data.
00:35 Often with the extra time you have post event, you'll see issues with sensors that are starting to fail or other reliability issues that are creeping in that weren't noticed during the event.
00:46 Using your notes taken during the event, alongside the log data, review the improvements in driving and the effect of any setup changes you made.
00:55 Make some bullet point notes to summarise the event.
00:58 Did you make improvements on the goals you set yourself? What was your overall performance like relative to the competition? What went well, what didn't go well? Based on what happened at this event, what are the priorities to change or improve for next time? These points will be very valuable when it comes to planning for the next event.
01:18 Now that you've got a clear understanding of the processes and when and how they should be applied, before, during and after a race, it's time to put it all into practice.
01:29 I recommend grabbing a copy of the data analysis checklist that you'll find in the related resources section below this video.
01:36 It's a concise summary of everything we've discussed in this section that'll help prompt you and stop anything from being missed in the data while you're on track.

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