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Professional Motorsport Data Analysis: Course Focus

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Course Focus


00:00 - This course has been designed as the logical next step for those who are wanting to build on the skills covered in our data analysis fundamentals course.
00:08 Or those who already have a decent understanding of the basics of understanding logged data.
00:14 If you're starting from scratch, and haven't already completed the fundamentals course, we strongly recommend checking it out first.
00:21 It gives you the perfect level of knowledge that'll allow you to walk straight into this advanced course without feeling out of your depth.
00:28 This advanced data analysis course is aimed at people competing in circuit and road racing in spring, endurance, time attack and hill climb format.
00:39 This means that the analysis methods will be applicable to anyone competing in sports cars, GTs, touring cars and single seaters.
00:47 While this course sits at a more advanced level than our Data Analysis Fundamentals course, that doesn't mean you need an engineering degree to understand or get the most out of it.
00:57 The students that'll get the most value out of this include someone who has completed the data fundamentals course and is interested in building on that knowledge, weekend warriors that are looking to maximise their logged data, club and national level racers and their teams with an interest in more than just basic data analysis and aspiring engineers looking to be involved in professional motorsport.
01:19 This is also the perfect course for drivers or crew chiefs that have been involved in the sport for a long time without having had much to do with data analysis and are interested in extending their skills.
01:31 So how does this differ from our Data Analysis Fundamentals course, and what exactly should you expect to get out of it? While the fundamentals course covers the basics of data logging, how it works, and what it can provide the hobbyist driver, this course instead takes a much deeper dive into the data itself, focusing on how we can interpret and make use of the information gathered, while the car's on track.
01:54 Huge amounts of performance can be found with all of this data and while it comes from many sources these days, logging, telemetry and timing data, as well as onboard video, TV coverage and even social media, we'll be focusing on using the logged data to gain an intimate understanding of both the vehicle and driver behaviour.
02:15 Once we have the understanding, we'll then be able to exploit the data and make improvements.
02:21 Obviously there's a 2 way relationship between any racecar and its driver.
02:25 The way the driver is controlling the car will depend on the response of the car and vice versa.
02:31 This sometimes complicated relationship means that many of the topics we'll cover will naturally lead to us discussing driving technique, chassis performance and tyre concepts, sometimes all at the same time.
02:44 The world of data analysis is a big one and while we're be exploring many of the most important and useful aspects of this discipline, the reality is that we could just keep going deeper and deeper until this course would become just too big and unwieldy.
02:59 We've tried to provide a useful and wide understanding of data analysis and how to apply it but stop short of getting so deep into the weeds that you're going to need a masters degree to find your way out again.
03:12 With all that said, if it's something you want to explore further or you want to bounce some ideas around, our private RaceCraft forum is open to members of this course and it's a great place to discuss your specific questions with fellow students and experts from all over the world.
03:28 We're confident that the students we've designed this course for, the knowledgeable amateurs, the ambitious learners and the up and coming pros, will be able to take these techniques and directly apply them to improve their performance straight away.
03:42 But as with all of our courses, this program is backed by a 60 day refund policy.
03:47 So if you feel like you've jumped a little too far into the deep end and would like to backtrack and start with the fundamentals instead, or you've decided that this course just isn't for you because you already knew all the content, let us know and we'll be happy to give you a refund.

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