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Porsche 986 2.7 turbo charge

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Hello i am in process turbocharging my boxster. My target is 1 bar no more with an efr 9174 with watermeth injection.. I cant dicide if i want to leave the cr to 11:1 or drop it to 10:1.. Any thoughts and suggestions?

That would seem to be rather high, but what fuel(s) are available to you? You 'might' get by with really good charge cooling and E85+, but you'd be much better off dropping the CR to something around the 8-9:1 mark.

I doubt there are many here who have a lot of experience with that engine and turbocharging them, so I would suggest checking the on-line clubs and forums for advice from those who have actually worked on such setups?

thank for your suggestions... unfortunately there arent builds like that as fas as i can see...

I did find a couple of conversions, but they were low boost, in the 4-6PSI range which is suggestive but they didn't seem to be charge cooled - Porsche does offer a couple of turbocharged 4 cylinder engines in later versions of that vehicle - perhaps those have the same bore and pin location and can be used?