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Hi Guys,

So, I am in need of a decent timing light - my dads old one from the 1960s has been given a log overdue retirement, and I would like to know what everyone uses these days with coil on plug systems etc..

What is a decent unit to buy?



Depends on your budget and what you want to do . Snap On has various prices and the top of the range although its really expensive (last time I checked 900$AUD) it can be used on all ignition types dizzy , coil on plug and more . There is also the Blue Point ones . SP has also a new model released . Facom is also really good . Do not know if Wurth has anything .

Thanks! I have checked out the Snap-On gear and it looks lovely!! Price is up there at over $1,000 but I hate skimping when buying tools. Even though I don't use them every day, I've just been bitten by crap tools falling apart so many times that I just bite the bullet and buy something decent..

Thanks again for the suggestions.