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Flashing a Toyota 2.8L Diesel (1GD-FTV)

Diesel Tuning Fundamentals

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I'm new to diesel tuning but I'm self-taught for flashing my Evo (EcuFlash & EvoScan and usual Evo mods with a wideband O2 sensor hardwired)

I bought a few goodies recommended on this forum for flashing Toyota Diesels. PCMFlash with Module 46 and BitEdit with Toyota Denso Diesel 5 module. I've confirmed my ECU file can be read virtually and I already have a copy of ECU bin file.

Since I'm new to BitEdit and PCMFlash, are there any forums, facebook groups I should be lurking? Or does anyone have any general tips pointers when tuning these 2.8L 1GD motors?

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