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Questions about interpreting logs for MAF -is rescaling the sensor the same with a diesel?

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Hey guys,

I used to be a mechanic in the Marines. I'm comfortable repairing diesels but back in the old days the 2 stroke Detroit's weren't computer controlled. To fill this huge knowledge gap I signed up for your FI classes I'm learning a lot, they're fantastic BTW.. Now that I'm armed with all this new information I have questions about how to interpret logs..

I have an 07 F350 with the 6L international engine. When I rebuilt it I put in a cam with more duration, a fixed geometry turbo and higher flowing injectors. Nothing too big, just a couple degrees duration more on the cam and 10% or so larger turbo and injectors. I changed the intake tract because it wouldn't fit on the new turbo. The scaling on my MAF sensor has to be off, right?

Does the MAF sensor scaling affect the power delivery of an engine? How is the guy doing my tuning getting around it? The truck runs great, the powers a little peaky but I kinda like it.

When looking at the logs, what should the relationship between MAP and MAF and other points be?

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