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What software should I use for tuning N/A Subaru Impreza USDM 2010, 2013? Not having any success with open source, is there software I could purchace?

Hi John,

What issues are you having? Do you not have a definition for this?

I use, EcuFlash, EcuEdit and ECUtek

Mostly I use Ecuedit or ecuflash since these do not require licencing. Sometimes there is not definitions available but with these it is easy enough to either modify a definition to allow it to work, or email the developer and ask them to define a ROM file if you have downloaded it. ECUedit is good for this.

Hi Chris,

Sorry, its been a while since I checked this. The ECU is EP5I400F and I cannot find a definition file for it. There is one for EP5I400A but I can see some problems with that definition if I use it. I have since then purchased Epifan subaruedit software which I have been using. I put in an AVO Turboworld turbo and 565cc injectors along with a new exhaust. I have reliable cranking/starting and idle with low trims, but after warm up, it stalls when I apply throttle and runs way richer than commanded at slightly higher than idle MAF readings. I am not sure where the richer compensations are coming from, except perhaps something is not optimized for the new larger injectors. Unlike with the WRX EJ's there is not much in the Epifan software and EP5I400F map for injector scaling, but perhaps I have missed something. I am also thinking that tip-in enrichment might not be compensated for the larger injectors, but I am not really sure. Any advice would be appreciated.

Well, solved the main problem by finding and fixing a boost leak prior to the intake, still think that I am not tuned for the larger injectors properly, although at idle, and highway cruise, my AFR trims are good, just got a LM-2 to look at actual AFR at higher boost levels, capped at 10psi, so not so much boost, but should see how close I am

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