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Dialing in cams with no spec sheet

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Is it possible to dial cams in, for example 2nd hand cams with no knowledge of what the actual specifications is or spec sheet? How does one go about then?

A qualified 'maybe' - some camshafts will be originally spec'ed to be fitted 'straight up, with an even offset both ways, but that's where the intake and exhaust are on the same camshaft, at least it is a good starting place to dial them in.

With some mild camshaft upgrades, they will be timed at, or close to, the OEM ones.

However, there are also plenty of exceptions and getting it badly wrong could bend valves, so be sure to check with some light springs, or clay/plasticine first - good practice, anyway.

That said, it is most unusual for camshafts to carry NO markings or numbers to identify them - usually stanped at one endo r the other but sometimes it may be marked along the length. Have a good look over them and post anything you find, along with the engine they will be fitted to.

Well, you can always work them out on the dyno even without any specs given providing they are for your engine for sure... The only one thing to remember is the valve lift - springs and retainers should correspond to cam profile in case it is aggressive...