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Newman camshaft spec sheet

How to Degree a Cam

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I'm a bit confused about newman sheet,

One information is missing, I can't figuring out at which valve lift IVO and IVC should occur .. They don't give the information like kelford do

Please see the image below, I am surely forgetting something

Thank you

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Hi. Sorry, but can you please elaborate your concern? What exactly are you asking about?

I think the issue is it doesn't give a specific checking clearance for setting the timing?

Failing it being provided, I would use the specified valve clearances. Then I would split the opening and closing points as it appears to be a symetrical ground, direct acting profile, from the numbers provided. Even if it wasn't, there will be the least offset getting the lift/close points as close to spec as possible. It can then be double checked by the fully open points and lift at TDC.

Yes Gord, that was my issue!

I get it! Thank you for you're help!

Sorry for not being too explicit

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