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p2v clearance and valve lash - sr20 motor

How to Degree a Cam

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when setting the valve lash to check piston to valve clearance on a honda motor it's mentioned to set the valve lash to 0. on a sr20 vvl motor, for example the kelford cam card specifies a cold valve lash of .20mm. what's the recommended process to set valve lash to 0 when doing the piston to valve measurement? are we supposed to stick a .2mm feeler gauge inbetween the shim and cam to eliminate the gap, and then measure the p2v clearance?

The process is dependent on the cam manufacturer's spec sheet. Some manufacturers specify degreeing the cam with their normal lash clearance that the engine will run with while others specify degreeing the cam with zero lash - Normally this would be on engines where the lash can easily be adjusted manually (such as the Honda B series engine for example). Our Kelford cams for our SR20VL head were degreed at the normal lash clearance so there was no need to zero the lash.

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