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How should I approach setting up a fuel & ignition launch control to do a antilag style setup without the use of an egt sensor or gauge installed??? I have the car currently setup using a fuel cut alone on the S300 & would like to use the fuel & ignition cut to generate some boost safely from a stand still. So is there a safe approach towards doing this without the use of an EGT Sensor???

Thanks in advance.


Jonathan Akien

i never used an EGT on the s300 for such a case, antilag by all means is a dangerous approach unless your engine is built properly, hence you can start with small amount of fuel enrichment with retarded timing of -5 and see how much boost it will build.

EGT is nice to have but certainly not essential for configuring the launch control. I'd recommend using minimal ignition retard and creeping up on your desired target boost level. You'll get a better result if you're using ignition cut only as the fuel sustains combustion in the exhaust manifold. I'd also caution that using any launch control for extended periods of time can be dangerous due to the heat build up.