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I run a 1994 World Sports Racer (WSR) on the club level vintage circuits. I try to do all the tuning myself. I joined the HP Academy to help speed up the learning process of my car. First time building an overhead cam motor. For chassis alignment numbers is there a difference for alignment settings using bias slicks vs. radial slicks? I value your opinion.

I've got a customer that just fitted a Haltech to the WSR he runs with VARA. You probably know him -- John B.

Radial slicks will probably want more camber, tire vendors can usually provide a good starting point.

Thanks David. I spoke with John at the last event. I was working grid that weekend. Needed new tires and not enough time to acquire. Would toe settings remain the same front and rear on both tire designs?

As you increase negative camber, you can add toe out to compensate for the drag induced by the forces when running straight. You want the car to run free, but still be stable at corner turn in. That is the balance of front toe. The rear toe will want to be zero or slightly in. I find the ideal setting based on driver feedback when going to throttle and at corner exit. If a car immediately want's to oversteer, toe in the rear a bit more and see if that improves the situation.

Thanks David. Because of the pandemic in California our next club event isn't until November. Willow Springs. Plenty of time to play with adjustments.

Thanks for all your help and input. Greatly appreciated.