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Hello from Portland Oregon

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I'm Peter Belfanti living in a suburb of Portland Oregon called Beaverton. We are building a new race car for ICSCC racing in a class called ST (sport touring). The car is a 1990 Mazda Miata with a V6 Honda J35A4 running an AEM Series 2 ECU.

Nice to meet all of you!


Hi Pete, welcome along!

That's an interesting engine choice for a Miata! I guess it wouldn't take too much power to make a Miata fun to drive :)

Hello Peter,

How did you come around to choose that engine? Any pictures?

Great questions..

The Sport Touring class is power to weight ratio limited. For example our target weight with my fat ass in the car is 2375. using the 10LB/1hp rule of the class we need 237hp. The options were a turbo kit which while has its merits, was more development and risk than we wanted to take. Other options are common LS V8 kits. These kits require modifications of the fire wall that are not allowed in this class of racing. they also make far more power than will fit the class. Trying to find a V8 that makes only 220-240 HP is hard. We looked at Ford 289's but torque was lacking and weight was high in cast iron.

The 3.5L Honda V6 is all aluminum 40lbs heaver than a stock 1.6L miata 4cyl. and makes apron 240hp and 220 ft lbs of torque. we chose the variant J35A4 for it's superior torque numbers.. (it's the mini van v6). that's right I'm racing a mini van motor because it has more torque than the TL v6 version.

This leaves us with a very new kit being developed by Minitech and Superfastmiatas.com to mount the Honda J series V6 into a basically stock Mazda miata tub.

you can follow the build at the Facebook page.


and the cars from super fast miatas are on their web page


That's some very intuitive thinking, I'll be taking a look at the facebook for sure

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