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Hello from rainy SEATTLE!!!

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Tell us a little about you. What cars you are interested, where you are from and why you are interested in learning to tune.

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Thought I'd say hello and introduce myself!

My name is Anthony I live in the USA just north of Seattle Washington.

I am a machinist by profession but my hobbies have always revolved around cars.

I built and tuned my first motor for my senior project in highschool back in 2005. A very mild build LSvtec on crome made 187hp and 137torque to the wheels ran a 13.5 @ 102 on street tires! (couldn't afford slicks at 18 years old! lol)

I still have that motor and still runs great 13 years later.

Here to learn and fill in gaps in my knowledge since I'm self educated; I've already picked up a few extremely useful tips here.

I primarily have dealt with Honda/Acuras but looking to start tackling bigger and harder projects (ones with less room for error) in the near future and thought this class would be a good stepping stone.

Current Toy is a 93 civic SI 86x87.2 made 235 whp last year on m24xx cams but power didn't want to carry much into the upper RPM like I was expecting, so this year I'm switching up the cams to a pro3 intake and pro2 exhaust, going COP, and a new header (my current main suspect for the flat spot up top) to try and get my closer to my 250whp goal. Hoping to get back on the dyno in the next month or so when it begins to warm up a bit! I will definitely share the results on here.

Not looking to make a career out of tuning... more of a hobby!

attatched a couple pictures and a short burst on from the pump gas tune. Speedo didn't work during the video but works now ;)


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Ahhh, love the noise! Always had a love of the EG Civic platform. Havent really had the chance to play with one much, but they just seem to capable, light and fun.

Welcome to the forum! Keep us up to date with your projects for sure :-).

Hi Tony,

Welcome to HPA. I'm sure you'll find everything your looking for in the courses and webinars but if there's any other questions don't be afraid to ask

Thanks gentlemen!

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