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Hi colleagues, I am Oleg from Ukraine, somebody know me, as ManAtDynotech at Facebook. Just to introduce myself, I work with cars 10+ years, started tuning in 2006 on my DynoDynamics and now open new shop with Dynojet 424xLC2 in Moscow, Russia. For now I have some expirience with AEM, Vipec, Motec, Syvecs, etc. Also some time ago I started to learn and make wiring harnesses and try to improve my level steb by step. You may review my every day job at Instagram

Hope to learn here something new and may be to help somebody also.

Hi Oleg,

Welcome to the forum. Do you have 2 shops now? How do you find the different dyno?

Thanks ;) Dynojet is much better for powerful cars, has belt connection between rollers, so accept modern 4wd cars and has very good support. No, now I have only one dyno in Moscow. I left my previous dyno and race shop because of military action in this area.

That makes perfect sense and a good time to get a better dyno

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