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Tell us a little about you. What cars you are interested, where you are from and why you are interested in learning to tune.

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Hi there... My name is Shota and I've been hanging around 4g63 engine for almost 10 years. I've been running the same car for entire period of time - MMC Airtrek which is the right hand drive version of Mitsubishi Outlander. I started from 15.11 ET long time ago and managed to improve it to 9.8 ET this season. As they say progressing slowly but surely... The plan is to make it 9.0-9.2 so it requires more knowledge of proper efi tuning and this is how I ended up with getting here))

Hi, are you still active here? I have an Outlander Turbo -06 that I’m trying to find open source software to reflash. I have the Openport 2.0 cable, and ECU flash and Evoscan - but the MMC Flash USB dongle is impossible to find (not available at Evoscan anymore).

How did you go about tuning yours?

Hi. Tuning Outlander turbo is quite different from tuning Airtrek. Basically you can get it done with ECU flash but you need to know how to disable Check sum function. What is you ROM ID?

Hi, sorry for the late reply, was on vacation and didn’t have the laptop with the software on it. I believe it is the MH8202F processor, and using ECU flash I can’t open the ROM file using any of the XML definition files. The Openport 2.0 fits into the ODB port, but the Mitsubishi adapter I ordered with it doesn’t fit, and honestly don’t know how to proceed.

You should be able to download your ROM file from ecu and open the header where ID will be stated even if you cannot open entire file. Once ROM ID is known we can go farther towards modifying your tune.

That’s the problem, I have tried all metadata XMLs and I only get an error message "no response to any known code", so I can’t even download the ROM file.

Ok, so I got one step further. Had to get MMCflash, where there is a separate module to open this ECU.

Now I have the ROM file but no way to edit it, ECUflash won't open it with any of the definition files available and there does't seem to be ongoing support anymore.

I have attached the bin file, hopefully someone can help.

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Very good. Unfortunately I'm on observation now far away from home without my computer and software. I'll forward your ROM file to one of my friends to get a definition file fir it.

Thank you, I really appreciate it! :)

I actually managed to hack an existing definition file created for the Airtrek Turbo and make it work for my Outlander Turbo, so I have started editing fueling and ignition maps and will see how it goes (I can get a dyno session in mid August) :) Long project ahead.

Managed to improve best ET today.

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A few videos from yesterday event

Wow! That thing was flying! Did you win the final event?

No, I lost. But I lost to the fastest russian car running mid 7s... No shame at all, he is from different league...)))

Too bad, but a placing in the final is still worthy of applause :)

Would be interesting to see your setup as inspiration for my own project, if you would like to share some time :)

Oh, it is very simple. 2.4L stroker, OEM 100mm crankshaft, Manley pistons and rods, GSC power division R2 camshafts, ETS T4 tewnscroll exhaust manifold, 2 each turbosmart 38mm wastegates, Mamba gtx3584 turbo, CDI 4 channels ignition, NGK 10 spark plugs, dual Walbro 450L fuel pumps, Skunk2 intake manifold and TB ( both to be replaced), 100hp nitrous single nozzle shot ( to be replaced with direct port), E66 fuel mixed with VP import race gas, upgraded AT.

Hah...that simple? :D Awesome!

Standard ECU? And what software to tune it? Dyno and/or road?

It is very simple to me now- used to be something complicated))

I use both - standard ECU and aftermarket. Stock ECU controls automatic transmission and idle step motor whilst aftermarket ECU HKS F-con looks after engine and nitrous... I also have HKS AFK ( Air Fuel Knock) unit to control fuel mixture and monitor knock. But since I'm using very high octane fuel there is no issues with knock so we just max out turbo ( 2.7 Bar at 7800 RPM) and increase ignition timing slowly until there is no ET improvement. The nearest dyno service is 500 miles away so it is easier to do it based on reaching MBT point rather than going to the dyno every time... We monitor any change in dynamic by using two electronic units - RaceLogic abd Draggy. They measure everything we need to know - 60ft, 330 ft, 0-60 mph and so on...