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Hi from Germany

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Hi all, i am Marc from Germany .

I've always been interested in cars but never really had anything to do with engine tuning. I am a team member of a drag racing team running a 1979 Volkswagen Golf with a fulltube chassis, rear wheel drive, powerglide transmission and a 13b semi pp rotary engine. When we switched from an EMS R-tech to a FuelTech FT500, our actual tuner quickly lost the desire to deal with it. So we had to learn everything ourselves to get ahead. Within 2 years we have managed to bring our car to an 8.79 on the quarter mile. And all without any prior knowledge and without a dyno. Meanwhile i tune the Wankel and also the Procharger Ford Mustang from a friend who has run with the Fueltech already a 9.36. Pretty hard to handle 2 different types of engines without a long experience but i am here to continue learning and annoying you with my questions :-)


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G'day Marc, great to have you on board! Great questions in the webinar today too.

That Golf looks completely insane, are there any videos of it making passes?

Thank you for the kind words Zac. Glad to found you to help me :-)

Yes there are some videos with the car running. Most of them at Facebook " Wolfswankel " but also some on youtube:

The Golf ( https://www.facebook.com/Woschdsalat/ )



In the second video we had many problems with the boost spool but since we are using a bump box it works pretty well as you can see in the first video.

And here is a video of the Mustang but only on facebook:


Whoa, that is a serious little car! It seems to launch pretty hard and track very straight for having that short of a wheelbase. Awesome.

I'm not super familiar with Drag Racing to be honest, what does a bump box do?

As we are running an automatic gearbox we do need a transbrake to build boost for the start. We press a button and the transbrake is activated. With the button pressed, the first and the reverse gear shift against each other and the car can not move as it is blocked. If we now press the button of the bump box then the transbrake valve opens for a few milliseconds and the car jumps forward. So we can stage the car in the tree in 2step with full boost pressure and the rpm that we choose. Our Fueltech ecu has an option that is called " staging control ". Works good when you have found the right setup for it.

That's some impressive work Marc, welcome to HPA

Thank you Chris. It is learning by doing and i broke 7 rotary engines in the last 2 years. But now both cars run pretty good and i hope to learn here the rest to be " perfect " :-)

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