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I'm Tony from the US, trying to learn to tune EvoX platform.

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I have had the same 2009 Lancer Ralliart 4B11T with TC-SST for the last 8 years. Where the previous RA's were just appearance packages, the latest model has the same motor and transmission as the EVO X MR. (with minor differences) So the tuning is very similar between them. I have actually been adding the rest of the parts to make mine have basically the EVO X motor with a few upgrades. The trouble is, not many people anywhere near me know anything about tuning the car, and even less about the TC-SST. Add the opensource on top of that and no one within 500 miles will touch it. So Here I am. I'm in the IT field as a profession, so a little XML and decoding is right up my alley.. But the trouble I found was the mass of conflicting info on the forums of peoples basically guesses as to what tables do what. I didnt want to tune my car on a guess. So I ended up here. While i learned all the fundamentals I am still having a hard time finding some of the answers that seem to be because my car is a bit of an oddball. while 95% of the evo X tuning is the same theres some small differences that are a bit of a challenge. So far though, I have made huge leaps. My car is now running with a stable AFR with many upgraded parts including larger turbo, entire exhaust from headers back, new intake with larger diameter MAF housing and 3 port EBCS to name a few. Currently working on setting up the WGDC tables and dialing in the timing. my end goal is to bring it to a dyno at some point and check my work and also tune the cams while on the dyno and optimize the tune. Anyway so far the information is great and Andre really knows how to teach the material in a way that I find very easy to absorb. I dont have to watch a video 17 times to figure it out. he does a great job.

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non-evo Lancer's are always a difficult one as the people who usually do the de-coding of the ECU's usually stick to the Evolutions.

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