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mikael from sweden

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hello from northern part of sweden where in the summer sun dont set and in winter not rises.

i have a Mitsubishi Evo 1 Rs here is a engine spec.


stroked 100mm original compression 8,5:1

270 intake 300 exhaust cams

gtx 3076 r

using a swedish ECU Maxxecu

360whp and 685nm

main problem to get the drivetrain to hold.

Hi Mikael,

Welcome to HPA.

When you say your problem is getting the drivetrain to hold, do you mean traction? Is that not half the fun of old rally bred cars?

yes the traction problem is absolutely not anything negative at this point. it was the gearbox 4th gear it dont hold long at 680nm on the hubs awd. but now i have 4th gear straight cut. it dosnt sounded that bad compare to all the other noise ;P

now im in to emission problems and stable idle to complete the smogtest... i have reduced mutch weight on the flywheel small clutch 7.25" and stroked to 100mm so its a pain to get stable with no load.

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