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Tell us a little about you. What cars you are interested, where you are from and why you are interested in learning to tune.

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Hey all,

I'm Brad, an Engineering student from sunny AZ. I've always wanted to get into tuning and the automotive scene in general, but with the lack of existing contacts and lack of budget, it gets tough sometimes. I've loved learning on the HPA platform, and find the content to be very high quality; happy to be here. I am working on making automotive engineering a bigger part of my life and would love to spend time in the motorsport scene. Any advice to point me in the right direction in terms of where to get started in a motorsport career would be appreciated, especially from those who have gone before and know the ropes.

I drive a 2014 Dodge Dart with a 4-Cyl, 2.4 N/A engine (What it lacks in tuning support/power, it made up for in terms of budget). I'm excited to learn and apply tuning lessons to what I own myself, but I am not very sure where to start with my particular platform. Any suggestions? I'd love to take control of the tuning of the factory ECU, but I'm lost when it comes to actually taking steps forward with it/what tools I will need.

Thanks, and I look forward to learning much here. Cheers,


Hi Brad, I see you've been a member with us for a wee while now but welcome along to the forum!

Getting into a career in the motorsport industry is really all about your experience and of course who you know can be a great help too. I'd suggest just getting involved in your local racing scene to start with if you haven't already and build up some contacts there, with the right attitude I'm sure someone would be willing to help you out with perhaps some work experience and then go from there. Here are a couple of links that might interest you too.



Tools wise to get started tuning, check this article out.


Here is a webinar which discusses software selection and things to consider there. Basically, just do your research to see what will work best for you and your aims.


I've probably hit you with enough links for now! Check those out and if you still have questions, create a post in the relevant section of the forum and one of our tutors will be able to help you out there. :)

Hey Lauren,

Thanks for the resources! I'll give them all a study. I've loved the support so far from the community, and I'm excited to keep learning more.


No problem at all Brad, happy to help. There's a bunch more articles in that section of the site as well as many more webinars in the archive so if you haven't taken a nose yet, make sure you do so. :)


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