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Alternative to Racepak Smartwire

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does anyone know of a alternative to the Racepak Smartwire system? or are they alone in offering this kind of product?

-Racepak Smartwire

-Ecumaster PMU-16

-MoTec PDMs (they have several models)

-Pi Research (now Cosworth) Hyllus and IPS32

-OBR Power Control Module

-McLaren PMU-24

-HP electronik HP8440 Powerbox

And I'm pretty sure there is some other brands who make similar products (PCU/PDM module)

infinitybox as well. (been keeping up with them since they were titled 'isispower'. Consequently, they changed their name probably due to current world affairs.)

Thanks guys =)

apparently im awfull at using google :P

If you are looking for a low price unit, the Racepak is probably about as cheap as they get. my experience is solely with the Racepak and Motec units and the Motec units are significantly more expensive (around 50% more money in our market). That being said, the Motec PDM's offer significantly more advanced logic and control of their outputs which in some instances can easily justify the additional cost.

HP electronik is widely used in high end motorsport (they used to make them for OBR) and it's also "reasonably" priced at 1700€+VAT so around $1800+VAT

34 outputs (18 @ 20/15A limited by the connector / 16 @ 3A)

The downside (so to speak) is that the Deutsch AS connectors are not included, and they are expensive.

All included, you are looking at something around 2500€ ($2800)

In comparison the closest equivalent at MoTec is the PDM32 and it at least 2 (if not 3) times more expensive.

That's a good point Ludo86, the OBR product is well priced, particularly considering the number of outputs available.

When weighing up the option of a PDM, it can seem like they are a huge cost, however when you take into account the labour saving, as well as the saving in relays, circuit breakers and a suitable way of mounting these components, often a PDM will only add a modest cost to the job. At that point you need to consider if the significant advantages of the PDM are worth the small extra cost. For me, it's a no brainer.

For the DIY guys, they also sell the boards alone (no box/ no connectors) for 750€ / $820


I've recently just touched on a MoTec PDM configuration, still some wiring to do, so I just had a glance. I have to say, the configuration possibilities are about endless, can't wait to take full advantage of that product.

If you're building a race car, a PDM is the way to go... but that's just my $0.02

Ok so Never even seen a "pdm" let alone used one... for a total newb on the subject what is it exactly and what are the benefits?

It's a device that intend to replace all fuse (or circuit breaker) and relay in the car.

Check this video:


Hey Viper, check out this video we shot using the Racepak Smartwire on Engineered To Slide's ute: https://youtu.be/Esrmc6kxTaI

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