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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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G'day All

Does anyone know of software for tuning automatic stability control ECU

I have a Mitsubishi Triton that has an 800mm chassis stretch. It plays havoc with the automatic stability control & I haven't found anyone who can recalibrate or adjust it

Check out the evoscan reflash system, there was a guy who was heavily customising evo 7/8/9 roms for free but was then hired to work on evo 10 roms for some aftermarket company

he had gotten the ability to modify the ayc stuff on the evo - im guessing that sort of coding / module hacking could also apply in similar ways to the stability control modules - you'd need to know coding and you'd need to know hacking of ecu's and modules etc

sorry i cant remember much more about it - it was quite a few years back

Thanks cbDrift I'll have a look for that one. I've never done any hacking before. sounds like a big job

Ahhh - it was tephramod i was thinking of and there was less info than I remembered about ayc acd units - Yup - *lotsa* hacking required if you cant find a nice packaged up solution for your mods sorry - if you like coding - its an interesting rabbit hole to fall down with this set of mods

its way out of my abilities. thanks anyway