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Davies Craig Electric Water Pump EWP150

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G'day HPA team from Sydney, Oz.

I'm a gold member of HPA so I was wondering if I could get your advice/thoughts on the Davies Craig electric water pump EWP150 you've just installed (i believe) on the Toyota 86?

I was watching your latest episode on the ongoing development of the track 86 car and noticed Andre mention the EWP150 pump.

This is exactly what I had in mind to use on my BA XR8 street/track car with Harrop HTV2300 supercharger. The Boss 260 is making ~400 kw & 750Nm (rear wheel)

Q1: Are you happy with the flow & cooling performance & management of the EWP150 on the 86?

Q2: Do you think it is an appropriate choice to keep my engine coolant temps under control, given the current engine performance levels?

Q3: Should I get the full blown EWP150 kit with pump controller etc or can I control the EWP150 effectively with my Haltech Elite 2500 without the need for the EWP controller ?

Hopefully you've got some time to answer these questions for me. Keep up the good work guys and all the best with the 86 development.

Can't comment on the pump or ECU as haven't used them, but a little more information may be helpful.

Are you still using the OEM radiator and fan/shroud - this may be a limiting factor?

Is this to replace the OEM water pump, for just an air>water>air charge cooler (if applicable), or both?

A quick check of the features suggests it can be used but with a suitable relay as the current ratings look to low directly from the unit - I understand HALTECH have very good tech' support, so I'd check with them.

I'm quite happy with the EWP so far but we still haven't got to a point where I'd say the whole cooling system is fully 'proven'. It's important to note that the EWP is just one part in the cooling puzzle and it isn't a silver bullet to fix a radiator that's too small or isn't getting good airflow so basically the whole system needs to be optimised for the EWP to be able to function correctly.

The nice function of the EWP is removing the relationship between pump speed and engine speed which can cause some pumps to cavitate at sustained high rpm.

As for running the pump, you could probably use the Haltech to operate a solid state relay and run the pump off that but my findings so far is that I got better results replicating the davies craig controller where I turned it on and off for preset times based on temp. You could possibly replicate that behaviour in the haltech but I'd need to sit down and see what could be achieved before confirming.

Hi Andre, Gord,

Thanks to you both for your responses. Much appreciated.

I'm currently running a custom PWR radiator with a Harrop W/A intercooler mounted in front of it. The PWR radiator is designed to pickup the standard OEM radiator mounting points etc. I believe this radiator will/is up to the task of keeping a lid on the track day engine temps if given the right environment to operate in. I believe my cooling issues lie with the cold side air supply and hot side waste heat ventilation. I've taken some measures to date to remedy this with some cold side ducting installed etc which have been effective to a point. I'm also in the process of fabricating hot side ventilation in the bonnet and also cold air cooling ducts directly onto the supercharger & fuel rail systems. This should help the engine settle down drastically if the preliminary mods are anything to go by as measured with the Haltech.

In the mean-time, I'll keep building and thinking as I go with the intention of eventually installing the EWP150 with/without controller. Managing/logging temps with the Haltech would be ideal for development purposes.

You given me some good ideas anyway Andre so much appreciated.

Looking forward to the next 86 track day episode!

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