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Dual Half Bridge for Motor Operation

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Hello everyone and thank you for taking your time to look into my issue.

We are working on a project utilizing an active wing. The wing in design was to be operated by a linear actuator which in turn is being operated by a Motec Dual Half Bridge. This system works really well at 12v but ended up being too slow for the intended use. We tested the actuator with 24v and found an 100% increase in speed.

After hooking up a 12v to 24v converter and wiring in line to send 24v to the DHB we have zero response from the bridge. Motecs data sheet shows 7v-55v for input voltage.

We are only driving the two low volt channels to low and high to move the actuator in and out.

Any ideas on who the DHB isnt working? It seemed pretty straight forward of what goes in comes out.

Any input would be appreciated.

What voltage are you applying to the inputs?

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