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Fuel warning light changing to LED.

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i have swapped over my dash bulbs to led (custom cluster to fit IQ3), since running an LED it is always dimly lit, and gets brighter when the fuel light sensor isn't immersed in fuel. i have tested with incandescent bulb and system works perfect, when immersed in fuel light off. when sensor is dry light comes on.

how ever i would like to run the LED's if possible but this is beyond my knowledge, i have two theory's.

1: the LED doesn't draw enough current to drain the floating voltage from the fuel sensor. adding a resistor (47ohm 5 watt) in parallel will enable the circuit to behave like an incandescent bulb as far as the current draw.

2: the restive switch of the fuel light sensor leaks enough voltage to light the led, a Diode in series will act as a level switch.

has anyone came across a similar issue? whats the fix?

its an old 1990 Toyota Celica with stock fuel sender and cluster trimmed to fit the IQ3.


No one has had a similar issue?

im a bit surprised i expected this to be a simple fix.